Here is a guideline of product entry for Seller to upload and sell at their store.

1. Login into ” Account ” (yellow box)

2. Click on ” Product ” (blue box)

3. Then click on ” Add New ” (yellow box)

4. Click on ” Simple Product ” (yellow box), if product is single product (eg. 1 Size and 1 Color / Design)

5. Click on ” Variable Product ” (blue box), if product is variety of size (eg. M, L, XL etc.) or color (eg. Blue, White, Red etc.) or design / pattern (eg. Sunflower, Bears, Dolphin etc.)

6. If Seller offer service or software product (not physical), click on Virtual button (yellow box). This applicable for ” Simple Product ” only. There for no shipping required. 

7. Fill-in product name and brand (yellow box)

8. Fill-in a Regular price (before discount) (blue box)

9. Fill-in a Sale Price (discount price) (red box)

10. Fill-in product description here (yellow box)

11. Click this ” image icon ” (blue box) to upload a product image.

12. Click a ” Upload Files ” (yellow box), then click a ” Select Files ” button (blue box) to select and upload a product image from your file.

13. Product image upload (main image display) (yellow box).

14. Other product image include size dimension guideline, other color or design of product (for Variable Product) (blue box).

15. Click this plus button, to add and upload more product image (red box).

16. Choose correct and select Category and Sub-Category related with a Product (blue box).

17. Click on ” Add new category ” for Sub-Category if don’t have in selection (yellow).

18. Write in Sub-Category inside blank box (blue box).

19. Select a Parent Category, then click ” Add ” button (red box).

20. Click on ” Inventory ” (yellow box).

21. Fill-in SKU blank box, if have a SKU product no. (no need to fill-in if don’t have SKU no.)

22. Select a ” Manage Stock? ” if want to manage stock quantity. Fill-in a product stock (eg. 10)

23. Select either allow backorders? eg. Allow or Do not allow.

24. Select either sold individually or not.

25. Click on ” Shipping ” (yellow box).

26. Fill-in a product weight (kg) eg. 10.0. and box dimension = Length x Width x Height

27. Select shipping class (eg. if product or store from Semenanjung, select Semenanjung).

28. Select a processing time (blue box), then choose a delivery period.

29. Click on ” Attributes ” (yellow box), then click on ” Color ” and choose related color (blue box).

30. Click on ” Size ” to fill-in a size (yellow box). Then choose and select a related size (blue box).

31. If not size can selected, click on ” Add New ” button (yellow box), then fill-in size required inside blank box  then click OK to confirm (blue box) .


3. Click on ” Simple Product ” , if product is single product (eg. 1 Size and 1 Color / Design)

3. Click on ” Simple Product ” , if product is single product (eg. 1 Size and 1 Color / Design)