Frequently Asked Questions

Seller Information

  • Any approved Malaysia-based business entities are eligible to sell inside this platform.
  • International seller, who are registered as business entities.
  • There is no registration fee or annual fee, and you may list-up your up to 100 products for free.
  • For product list more than 100 products, you may subscribe our package base on your market / company size and amount of products.
  • Kindly enter this Seller Package link, to subscribe and make a payment.
  • Enterprise / Company
  1. Company registration form – SSM or other
  2. Front and back – color photocopy of Director/Owner/Partner’s Authorized person’s IC Card
  3. Statement of Account Bank
  • Personnel / Individual
  1. Front and back – color photocopy of IC Card
  2. Statement of Account Bank
  • Every Seller must give complete document before can proceed to sell their product live in our platform.
  • EasyCart have rights to close and terminate any Seller who found miss-use and doing fraud.
  • EasyCart will charge 0% commission fee + 2.75% for Credit Card or minimum RM2.00 for Online Transfer of Payment Gateway Service Charge on the final product price for each successful transaction for 1st 3 month.
  • For product or services without shipping or by off-line, EasyCart will service charge minimum RM5.00 per product. A Seller need to mark-up this service charge into their price before promote their product or services at our platform.
  • After 3 month registration, EasyCart have authority to charge commission fee – base on Seller performance valuation.
  • Notes: There will 6% SST subject to charge on our services.
  • We will be provided training on product uploading and order processing by online zoom /team meeting.
  • There are a few methods to upload products:
  1. Individual uploads
  2. Bulk uploads
  3. We also provide service to upload your product into your store, base on this below variety:
  • Simple Product: One product with one color and free-size. Our service charge is RM2.80 per product.
  • Variable Product: One product with one color and multi-size (e.g. size S, M, L etc). Our service charge is RM4.80 per product.
  • Variable Product (2): One product with fews color (e.g. color – Red, Blue, Black etc) and multi-size (e.g. size S, M, L etc). Our service charge is RM6.80 per product.

Domestic Shipping

  • For local product, which delivery within Malaysia region, EasyCart fully control for shipping arrangement.
  • Shipping charge varies on weight and packing size provide by Seller. 
  • Every Seller must drop-off an item at selected drop point as per instruction from EasyCart for delivery process. Please print-out and put-on Airway bill or Consignment Note provide from us before send out for drop-off.

International Shipping

  • For international product, delivery from outside of Malaysia. 
  • The Seller allowed to make their own shipping arrangement. 
  • EasyCart will charge you 2.6% service charge fee or minimum RM5.50 per product + 6% SST charge on shipping charge amount and will be deduct from final price amount.
  • We will process each successful delivery’s payment within 7 working days. 
  • The cut-off day each week for accounting reconciliation is on Friday and disbursements will be done the following next Monday.
  • The Seller will be informed of the payment made via the emails they used to register with EasyCart.

Affiliate Program

It’s Easy to Start

Our Affiliate Program is free and easy to join.
Follow the link provide and you can start earning in just a few clicks. Just share to your family, relative, friend and colleague. With any purchase from them in our platform, you will earn an income.

We Pay You

We believe and trust that you could make up to RM10, 000 per year accumulative commission and might more, its base on your own way how to promote and market our platform to new comer potential buyer / customer.

We’re Fast Growing

And you can grow with us
– Millions of products
– Over 200,000 sellers always coming-in
– Existing buyers from local and international market

Fixed Commission

The more sales you generate the more you’ll earn. Our commission rates fixed RM1.00 from every successful purchase of order. This commission will put in your My Wallet and can be withdraw once achieve minimum amount of RM100.00.

*Notes: We will charging you RM20 of service charge for withdrawal transaction process.

Incentive Point

For every purchase amount RM100.00 equal to 1 point. Affiliate Partner can request for withdrawal once reach minimum of 100 points.100 points convert into cash equal to RM100.00.*Notes: We will charging you RM20 of service charge for withdrawal transaction process.

Mysterious Gift for Lucky One

You will get special gift or mysterious gift from us, to appreciate your hard-work, commitment and trust on us.


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